Welcome to Hartbeespoort Marathon Club


To be the top running club in the North West province that is regarded by all club members as well as non-running members of the community for its great spirit, the achievements of the club and the individual members as well as its contributions to the community that its serves.


It is the vision of the club to promote road running, walking and other ancillary disciplines such as cycling, swimming and trail running within the area on a non-discriminating basis by creating opportunities for all its stakeholders. This is achieved through creating opportunities for our members by providing a healthy, welcome atmosphere, the accompanying activities and the required facilities to partake in these activities in an enjoyable environment. We encourage the interaction and involvement of members, friends and family. We create opportunities for members of the community wherein everybody, regardless of age, gender or ability can become involved in the activities of the club as a means of increasing and maintaining their desired levels of health and fitness.

We create opportunities for sponsors by hosting and participating in well recognised events where maximum exposure is achieved. The success and the professionalism that are synonymous with the name of the club are major attractions for existing and potential sponsors.

Furthermore, we create opportunities and encourage local organisations and companies that serve the same community to supporting the activities of the club.